RP tech India News: India becomes the first choice of Indians for work frame home and learn frame home

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वर्क फ्राॅम होम तथा लर्न फ्राॅम होम के लिये गेमिंग लैपटाॅप बने भारतीयों की पहली पसंद RP tech India

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At a time when the overall PC market across the world has recorded very sluggish growth. Due to the rapid adoption of Work From Home (WFH) and Learn From Home (LFH) culture in India, sales of gaming PCs, laptops and notebooks have increased rapidly.

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Best Near me Top Computer Store in Katargam Surat | CCTV | IT Solution | Printer | Laptop Shop – RP tech India News

There is a huge demand for gaming laptops / notebooks in the automotive and commercial segments. In addition, millenniag is particularly prioritizing students and working professionals to invest in gaming laptops / notebooks for high-end computing and multi-tasking. Experts say in this regard, as the working of remote and distance education is becoming the mainstay of the nation, this trend will continue.

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The use of laptop / notebooks for high-end business applications is not new. Keeping in mind the considerable scope from this business, the brands have made various modifications in the configuration of Gaming PCs to make them suitable for high-end commercial usage and multi-tasking. Various professionals such as Architects, Data Scientists, Graphic / Web Designers and Animation Artists are available in mid-range gaming laptops / notebooks in the price range of INR 50, 000 to INR 1.25 lakh or more for their high-end configuration and build quality.

Gives priority to Also, Casual gaming and online learning give priority to gaming PCs and laptops up to INR 50,000. Ever since the government opened the lockdown, there has been a huge demand for gaming laptops for SOHO and commercial use across the country. According to RP tech India, a leading distributor of gaming PCs, laptops and notebooks in India, about 50% of Gaming Laptops / Notebooks sold in India are used for commercial purposes and this trend will continue in India even further.

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Expressing his views in this regard, Director of Sales & Marketing Mr. Rajesh Goenka said that over the last 10 years, brands have made a lot of modifications to gaming PCs, and made them affordable and multi-purpose for different categories of users. Initially used only for Hardcore Gaming, Gaming Laptops are now being used extensively by Commercial Entities for high-end business applications. About 50% of gaming laptops / notebooks sold in India are being used for commercial purposes.

There is a huge demand for Design / Production Houses, Animation Studios and High-End Data Processing Firms esa Gaming Laptops / Notebooks. This coupled with the demand of the fast growing gaming industry in India has increased the demand for gaming laptops / notebooks in India. Expressing your views about this trend, Lapcom Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. Delhi ds Owner Mr. Manoj Gupta said that the demand for gaming laptops was more than commercial centers like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

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Due to the increasing demand from Work From Home rFkk Learn From Home, the demand for gaming laptops has seen a lot of growth in the last quarter. Customers to whom we have sold gaming laptops in the price range of INR 50,000 to INR 1.25 lakh. They mostly include professionals, architects, engineers, graphic designers, website builders, etc., who need premium build quality high-end configuration and ntel i3, i5, i7; k AMD Ryzen processors to run multi-tasking and high-end applications and The gaming laptops that come with NVIDIA RTX 2060/2070/2080 are needed. Customers nowadays want thin and light laptops, which are easy to carry from one place to another.

In the scenario of distance work and distance education, poor performance is the main requirement. Nowadays customers want to invest one time in a good brand, which can fulfill their work and Gaming’s Dual Purpose. For example, Shubham Patani (who recently bought a gaming laptop of 1.5 lakhs) said that I am an IT professional working as a Software Engineer as well as a Gaming Enthusiast. I wanted a laptop that could meet both my Office work and Casual Gaming related needs. Also, it is easy to take it anywhere.

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This is the reason that nowadays Gaming Laptop / Notebook falling in the price range between INR 40K to 80K is very popular in the market and sells more. Owner Mr. Amogha Computer Needs based in Bangalore expressing his views in this regard. Kiran Kodancha said that customers who come to take gaming laptops, they are already well informed.

They come with their own research and bench marking as per their budget. Out of the total inquiries in our stores for gaming laptops, 40% are from professionals, 20% are from corporates, 20% are from students and rest are from amateur and professional gamers. Buyers come with their own benchmarking and configuration. ASUS ROG Series, HP OMEN, Dell Alienware and Lenovo Legion Series are quite popular among customers. Thus I can say that gaming laptops / notebooks are definitely a better choice for multi tasking as compared to the normal laptops and they are also ready to increase their budget for a good brand.

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